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November 26, 2023

How does the Biocircuit personalise the workout?

Resistance Profile

Some people require isotonic resistance, others need to reduce the inertia to preserve the joints, while still others prefer leveraging a viscous resistance for a greater challenge. From traditional standards to high intensity profiles, the Biocircuit engine makes it all possible.

Adaptive Workload

Whether users just want to complete their reps, define their routine to fully engage, or be guided in a routine based on their needs, Biocircuit ensures that the workload is constantly controlled.

Spotter Assistance

Sometimes you can fully manage your workout, but the equipment can also provide assistance when you wish to have a little help completing your last reps. In case support is needed, Biocircuit activates the spotter function to your relief.

Effective Pace

At times, you may need to be guided on a certain pace. In other instances, you may want to define your own. Biocircuit selects the proper pace based on your needs to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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